Hello, I’m natryvat and this blog is my personal webpage. Here I will be posting Writeups about cybersecurity boxes/rooms/vulnerable machines, hacking and other related topics. It’s not limited to that, you can find here also Linux, programming and DevOps posts. I want this to work also as my personal portfolio of projects, research and study notes.

About me I can say I’m a developer who is working in the security information field, as this is something I really enjoy. I work every day to get more knowledge about this area. I want to use this site to post interesting things I found or do, and give everyone interested in this field a place to learn new topics.

TryHackMe badge.

I’ve been using TryHackMe since a while and as of now I’ve complete almost 300 rooms. My next plan is to use HackTheBox as well and soon I’ll be also creating some Writeups of it.

I’m a Linux enthusiast since this is a very customizable operating system, it’s very easy to use and you can work very fast with appropriate shell commands. Additionally, most of hacking tools are written thinking on Linux users.

Please feel free to visit my site and leave comments about improvements I can make. Also leave requests of topics you would like me to cover.